Meeting Minutes - 5/21/2000

Minutes for Regular Meeting - 21st day of Ivastaen (May)

Attending were: Cryheart, Haephestus, Humongor, Hyoko, Cemb, Kriztian, Drallen, Asglyn, Ruffelin, Frorin, Knightfall, Gilwen, Metadi, Tilarium, Pyranth, Evia, Eahlstan, and Geijon.

Guests: Lord Woustor, brought by Cryheart.

Lord Woustor discussed his observations and theories regarding recent events in Icemule Trace, Stone Valley, and the Graveyard near the Landing. There appear to at least two separate threats to the Landing and nearby communities. We were reminded to be vigilant as this month is the anniversary of both the Vvrael and Bregandian invasions.

Since there were no objections to Sir Welan's intention to take Eahlstan as his Apprentice, Eahlstan was welcomed but presentation of a key was held until Sir Welan can actually be present to confirm the selection.

Haephestus announced that General Draegar has left the Landing. When Draegar departed, he left Haephestus in charge of the Wehnimer Guard. Haephestus sought a vote from the Gryphons to confirm his appointment to that leadership position. As the Guard is an entity separate from the Gryphons, Haephestus was advised that any vote should be taken by the Guard members and that the Gryphons would acknowledge and work with whoever that body selected. Haephestus stated that the Guard members had already affirmed him as leader. Several Gryphon members spoke highly of Haephestus and commended the choice of the Guard. Haephestus was congratulated by all.

Haephestus confirmed that Cryheart will continue to act as Liaison between the Guard and the Gryphons, even though Cryheart is no longer a member of the Guard.

Cryheart spoke on the PR Open House project. So far, only Thrudh has volunteered to speak, though Cemb is considering giving a talk on the rescue of Korm, and Cryheart hopes to convince Hyoko to speak on his interview with Hochstib. The PR Task Force will meet prior to the next Gryphon meeting to discuss how many guests we can handle, procurement of refreshments, and selection of a date. The intention is to have arrangements finalized by the third week of Lumnea (June).

Next meeting will be the 4th of Lumnea (June). We hope Sir Brinn will return by that date.