Meeting Minutes - 6/2/2002

In attendance:
Brinn, Cemb, Cryheart, Deavon, Drallen, Humongor, Matthiew, Ruffelin, Sylvarana, Typhus, Yviara

Guests: Matthiew and Sylvarana are the guests of Typhus.

Lord Cryheart opened the meeting.

I. Order Property
Lord Cryheart and Drallen acquired three banners for the Order. They will be used as the official standard fro the Order, henceforth.

A gryphon-blazed banner
The thick silk banner is attached to a sturdy haon post by loops of fine mithril. The edges of the banner are threaded with fine silver threads. Centered on the pennant is a ruby circle with a silver gryphon emblazoned upon it. Scribed beneath the symbol are the words "To Serve with Honor, by Example and Deed." On the reverse is a field of silver-chased gryphons with ruby silk-embroidered names beneath each, identifying the members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon.

II. Landing Defense
Lord Cryheart cautioned the Order that while there is a threat against the island of Teras, protecting the Landing must be kept as top priority.

III. Code of Conduct & Enforcement
All members should familiarize themselves with the proposed code of conduct and enforcement policy for discussion next meeting.

IV. Requests from H.E.R.T.
The Haven Emergency Response Team, which constitutes their primary militia has made two requests of the Order to Lord Cryheart.

1) That the Silver Gryphons aid in the defense of Solhaven when possible.
2) That a delegation be sent to speak of the Order’s History to H.E.R.T.
-Sir Brinn, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Cryheart, Humongor, Sir Ruffelin, and Typhus agreed to go.

V. Miscellaneous Items
Holswort has been spotted in the Landing, surveying the recent damage.

Lord Cryheart closed the meeting.