Meeting Minutes - 6/11/2000

Minutes for Regular Meeting of the Order of the Silver Gryphon 11th day of Lumnea (6-11-2000)

Attending were: Cryheart, Frorin, Brinn, Gilwen, Knightfall, Zyanna, Thrudh, Deavon, Asglyn, Ruffelin, Geijon, Yarx, Metadi, Evia, Pyranth, Haephestus, Cemb, Drallen, Tilarium, Jeanius, Eahlstan, Welan, Khazaan

Guests: Melianne (wife of Pyranth)

The meeting was called to order by Sir Brinn.

Cryheart spoke more on the "Open Holding" PR project currently under development. Three speakers are lined up (Cemb, Frorin, Thrudh) and refreshments have been arranged (by Evia). Geijon is preparing the invitation list. The PR group will meet at a date to be announced to continue plans.

No new Apprentices were taken for the month of June.

Asglyn announced Tilarium is ready for testing. Tilarium will be tested at the meeting two weeks hence.

The meeting was closed for a discussion and vote on Frorin for full Member status. Frorin was successfully tested by Asglyn. He received his bracer and was heartily welcomed into the Order as a full Member.

Geijon imparted some new information regarding the Order of the Golvern Star.

The next meeting will be held on the 25th day of Lumnea (6-25-2000).