Meeting Minutes - 6/13/1999

Heyo all,

Tilarium became an official apprentice this week. Yzan has apparently left the realms altogether and so will be unable to be Hyoko's apprentice.

Asglyn (as mentioned in his own scroll of a bit ago) reported that the security of our private website was breached, but he has punished the guard, and has doubled the guards on the door to keep out future annoyances.

Titaniia came and answered some questions about the war. She also stated that she will cooperate fully with sharing information back and forth between the guards and the Order. Also last week Metadi reported that the Bregandians do not use mana, but lady Titaniia did not know anything about that that she was willing to share with us.

PR is holding nominations for the committee chair: Current nominees are: Asglyn, Cryheart, Geijon and Wanton.

Ruffelin and myself have already declined nominations.

All Gryphon members, PR members or not, are welcome to nominate anyone they feel would be good for the post (someone who's around a lot with a lot of spare time on their hands and who is in good standing with the public preferably ;D)

PR will also be holding a public discussion at Kai's Shrine regarding Chivalry and Respect, on Niiman, the first of Koaratos, 9:30 elven. (for those of you like me who have no idea when that is, try typing "TIME and CALENDAR" in the game for a new time system :D ) But for a quick translation that's Thursday, July 1st at 9:30 eastern time.

PR is also working on a Big Brother's type program that Wanton is calling the Elanthian Advisors. Those Gryphons that enjoy working with youngsters will be part of the group that helps novices once they've graduated from the Lorekeepers, the mentor society.

Remember to check the calendar at the members-only end of the website for other events, and that you DO NOT have to be a member of the PR committee to participate in any of the events :)

Zyanna expressed delight to be with us again after breaking free the bonds of love which kept her tied up at home of late :D ::whistle::

Ruffelin suggested we come up with some kind of signal to those folks in the Guards to let them know when there is a Gryphon emergency that needs their attention.

Brinn asked that Deavon chair the meetings until the end of Koaratos (aka July) as he's needing a vacation from it.

And Maldon reported that the constable seemed a little pale at the thought of arresting Greentide for murdering Holswort. But that the stout man would "take it under advisement" heheh. Also he is going to find a magicker to make our bracers into a thinking device which will be nice too :)

Next week is a hunt.... regular meeting the week after!

Happy Hunting everyone!