Meeting Minutes – 6/26/2011

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Sir Brinn, Geijon, Sir Yarx, Evia, Shirkon

I. Squire Issues
II. Scions
What are Scion squires called?

Documents should include what?

Testing guidelines and Scions should share the basic structure of Warrior/Paladin Squires

Final Testing may require missions or specialty/profession based testing other than combat

Evia remains lead on the rough draft, but the Order continues to add input

III. During Frontier Days the Order will be hosting open Lady Wanton matches. (August 27th, tentatively

IV. Grishom Stone has been sighted around town. Near the bank discussing the museum and again at Hearthstone. Details are withheld from minutes.

V. The Chosen event was a success. Members thanked the coordinators involved in its execution. Well done to Evia as the lead on this and Geijon's assistance. Geijon thanks everyone for not laughing as he slid down the mountain, until the end.

VI. Wastebasket. We had a mining cart that Evia designed. Cryheart said he'd check with Kenstrom.

VII. Longterm benefits can be found here:

Cryheart would like us to review the longterm benefit and to be ready or present ideas to the Order as to what suits the Order Holding. A Fishing pond and brawling pit were mentioned, but there was some counter opinions that those didn't suit us. A Jousting or training yard would seem more approprietly "Knight" centric.

VIII. Guard NPC. We also discussed our Guard and need to compile the messaging that Shirkon designed for him prior to submission. He also needs a name.

IX. Heraldry. All of the past and current Knights on Heraldry banners. Due the 5 interactable items per room we contemplated a few options such as "You see a Heraldric banner, on the banner you see an eagle crest, a falcon crest, a bear crest, etc. to work around the limitation.

X. Order Portal. War of Nations: Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal. This is near done. It may be fully launched after our next meeting on 7/10

See you all then.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree