Meeting Minutes - 7/1/2012

In Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Shirkon, Balantine, Xanith, Evia, Arpelli, Karibeth, Perivan, Geijon, Dame Deavon and Sir Morgiest.

Sir Cryheart welcomed us to the holding and we went right into the Krolvin situation. Fleet Captains are particularily dangerous as they wield claidhs, similar to the Champions on the Galleon. On a few occasions we've seen ice elementals and the weather has been known to freeze gates and certain locations, such as Helga's doors completely. Most recently the Star Bringer, Krentuk, presented Mayor Walker with a sack full of scalps and it was further learned that the Orb has the power of air. He remains surrounded by an air barrier and can blast people into the air with the powers. Balantine remarked it's called the Gale Stone for a reason. This brings up another point in that the elves, humans, and krolvin all have varying names for the orb.

We then officially opened the meeting.

I. Squire Issues.
No new squire issues.

II. Summer Festival.
Begins for Premium members of Elanthia shortly. Official information is visit Eastern Harbor for a variety of wares and cuisine, brought to you by the fine chefs, bakers, and culinary enthusiasts of Four Winds! The festival will run from Friday, July 6th to Saturday, July 14th.

III. Frontier Days
On Phoenatos, the 19th (Sunday, August 19th) we'll be running the Dame Wanton Challenge Matches and on Phoenatos, the 25th (Saturday, August 25th) we'll be holding our rally. Challenge matches will be taking place at Helden and the Rally is a new event from Lady Arpelli.

This event will require a minimum of 6 people to work it. We can divide it into two parts -- 1st half being the easier of the locations, 2nd half being more difficult. One person needs to be hidden in each of the 5 locations, and there will need to be one person at the home base to monitor those coming back to check in after finding (or not finding) all of the locations in each half, as well as monitor the thought net for requests for hints.

Back to the Dame Wanton Challenges we have amended the rules as of the last time we ran the event to be that contestants can use their personal gear. The current proposed time for the event is 3pm EST/12pm PST.

The Rally appears to be headed towards an 8pm EST/5pm PST start time. More specific details are in a previous missive.

The Merchant events will then begin on the 26th.

IV. Future Quest Event
We also discussed an event Phoenix through Cosannie is planning with House Onoir and potentially the Gryphons. It surrounds a type of scavenger hunt/quest to tell the story of a dead knight and collect his belongings. More details to come as we gather them from Roelaren and Cosannie. Balantine is playing a primary role in this as well.

In closing Shirkon reminded us to honor all of the fallen this week. Enjoy the Holiday Week.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree