Meeting Minutes - 7/9/2000

Minutes for the Regular Meeting 10th day of Koaratos, 5100 (10 July, 2000)

In attendance were: Maldon, Metadi, Khazaan, Cryheart, Yarx, Evia, Thrudh, Zyanna, Ruffelin, Waldo2, Cemb, Brinn, Haephestus, Eahlstan, Geijon, Jeanius, Humongor, Pyranth, Morzathis, and Tilarium.

Guests: Caioneach, Drallen, Shangarr

The brief meeting followed a successful Open House event. Cryheart and Evia were lauded for their organizational efforts. Brinn, Cemb, and Thrudh were thanked for introductions and stories. Acknowledgement also went to Haephestus and Jeanius for having served escort duty.

Brinn asked the Members to think about goals for our next event. Goals will be discussed at the next meeting.

Ruffelin announced that the New Apprentice Packet had been approved by the Council. Copies will be distributed to all Members (both Apprentices have already received a copy).

Brinn was heartily congratulated for having achieved "Legend" status.

The next meeting will be held on 24 Koaratos (July).