Meeting Minutes - 7/10/2011

In Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Sir Yarx, Geijon, Gawyane, Xanith, Evia, Sir Brinn, Perivan, Sir Metadi, and Goldstr.

I Squires
Geijon put forward Gawyane, a Paladin, as his squire. He was accepted as thus and officially begins his training.

II. Beware the Summoners
After the corpse Knight warning and some overt threats to the order Sir Cryheart warned us to remain vigilant. Sir Brinn shared with us the threatening visions that were seen recently also as further proof that the Summoners will use any means necassary for victory.

III. Festivals and Merchants
The Albatross is docked in Wehnimer's Landing until 7/15, The Mist Harbor Festival, the Sefarers Festival in Solhaven, and Fronter Days (Aug 21-27th) all begin soon.

IV. Long Term benefits
We touched on last weeks long term benefits. Shirkon's dwarf guard NPC came up again and it was suggested a mock up of the banner idea Sir Brinn had be done so that we can tweak and discuss it further for implementation. The banner itself is meant to designate all past and present Knights and their crests.

V. Wanton Open Matches
The Wanton matches will take place at Helden Hall on Saturday, August 27th, at 3pm EST. They will include open challenges and conclude with an all out free for all melee. Armor/Weapon allowment is still being discussed, but will be sorted out shortly.

VI. Scions
Documentation remains missing. Evia remains point on this. It remains that we need to re-draft this documentation more than likely to outline rules and behavior for non-Warrior/Paladin membership.

VII. Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal - The Complete Story
All of the accumulated stories, recollections, and logs have been compiled and opened to the public at the Order portal.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree