Meeting Minutes – 7/11/2004

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 11 of the month Koaratos in the year 5104.

Members in attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Falicor, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Kriztian, Murgin, Shirkon, Xanith, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara
Squires in attendance: Tagari
Friends in attendance: Gilwen

I. Gilwen's Farewell

Gilwen extended her words of farewell to the Order. Sincere thanks to her for her extended and exemplary service as a Friend of the Order. Our best wishes go with her on her future journeys.

II. Squire Issues:

Brandare has concluded his tenure as a squire to Guarrin. He extends his sincere thanks to the Order for the opportunity. Best wishes go to Brandare in his future endeavors.

Yviara's squire, Tagari is in a bit of a hitch but will hopefully be rejoining us in the near future. Good luck finding your bailing wires, Tagari!

III. Chivalry Seminars

Our first seminar will be next Restday at nine elven. Shirkon will be able to provide more details as he acquires them. Any and all Gryphons desiring to learn and to teach are encouraged to attend.

IV. Vision of the Order

Kinshack has placed a request for the following from every member:

Describe in 30 words or less your vision of what the order is, and what its purpose is. The key is to do it in less than 30 words. I want you to choose which points or ideas are most important and force you to prioritize your idea of what makes the Order what it is.

The responses will be anonymous but will be used to pursue discussion that will ideally unify our mission and how we can support it with our day to day actions. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Please send to Kinshack (

V. Joining the Town Hall Organization

Much discussion was had regarding the Town Hall Organization.

A vote was passed to join the PRO organization, however it was split with 5 votes aye, 5 votes nay. Consequently further discussion will be had next week.

VI. Other

Jadedragan will be a guest of Yviara next week.

Next meeting will be in two weeks, 5104-07-25. Also next week 5104-07-18 we will be holding a chivalry seminar on Honor. More details forthcoming from Shirkon.