Meeting Minutes - 7/23/2000

Hail Gryphons!

First and only main topic of discussion from the 24th of July meeting centered on the next PR event. Discussed was what goal was desired for next event. The current goal seems to be establishing and maintaining an open line of communication with the Houses of the Landing. The method of communication was openly discussed and the final decision was to invite a House with leaders and members to attend a meeting with Gryphons. When, where and how was not firmly established but will be a continuing topic for our next meeting (s). Houses who were not represented at our open house event would be given first consideration. The possibility exists on having the meeting on another day other than regular meeting or to give an invitation for a regular meeting. The Gryphon membership needs to consider the date (my suggestion is to have it on our regular meeting time and date due to the fact all Houses will be invited, one by one, eventually).

It was also discussed about having fun events, i.e. trivial or historical contests; conducting teaching courses in the use of armor and weapons for younguns; and tournaments of contest and competition.

Jeanius informed the small gathering that the Wehinmer Guard has been disbanded. Those former members who are still interested will join the Northern Fury Guard of Icemule. Valicar, commander of the Northern Fury wants to establish an all Elanthian Guard being represented by all cities.