Meeting Minutes – 7/25/2010

Seafarers Festival parada this coming Friday at 9 pm evening in Solhaven. I would be 15 minutes late perhaps, but anyone who just wants to march along in the Gryphon group show up. Try to think of some ACT or SMILE verb describing a march of Gryphons going by. (g)

Also at our meeting we discussed that we are set up for the Dame Wanton matches in cahoots with Helden Hall on the 4th of Sept beginning at 3 pm eastern.

We discussed the possibility for our next event to be: "Interactive history lesson on past defenses of invasions of the Town is somethin me always wanted to suggest. wiff visits to historic sites.", as stated by Tagg. This is doable but is going to require a mass effort for discussion at the historical let us know what ye think.

Some of you might recall Tagari??? He was squire of Kriztian, and been gone for sometime. I invited him to our next meeting which should be two weeks from tonight, Sunday.

Have a good week!