Meeting Minutes - 7/26/1999

Heyo everyone,

The night started out with some great jokes slipped in by Hyoko who's apparently filling in for Knightfall when he's not there ;D

Frorin was officially made Kytaara's apprentice. Wanton announced her intention of putting Metadi forward the next time they make a meeting together. Geijon is intendeding to bring Kriztian up as his apprentice in 2 weeks.

Morzathis explained that Glarb would like to have his bracer back. It was decided that the Council would speak to him about it.

Asglyn was tested, but due to a problem he's to be given a quest to finish up his testing round. Either a quest or a re-test, whichever the Council decides about that.

PR is planning their next talk for Niiman (Thursday) at Kai's Shrine at 9 eastern. It's about largesse. If you don't know what largesse is, mebbe you should come to the talk ;D

Good Hunting this week... and be safe.