Meeting Minutes - 7/29/2012

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Shirkon, Evia, Geijon, Meureii, Balantine, Arpelli, Damn Deavon, Sir Metadi, and Goldstr.

I. Unfinished Business (in Wehnimer's)
We began with the declaration that meetings can resume with Krentuk's defeat and the Star of Khar'ta being presumably destroyed. Unanswered questions about Zyndur and the Nalfein remain. Along with Falzcrow, Kragnack's son being jailed, and Kragnack himself on the loose.

II. Frontier Days
On Phoenatos, the 19th (Sunday, August 19th) we'll be running the Dame Wanton Challenge Matches and on Phoenatos, the 25th (Saturday, August 25th) we'll be holding our rally. Challenge matches will be taking place at Helden and the Rally is a new event from Lady Arpelli.

Be sure to read The Great Landing Rally that Cryheart has resent to everyone via missive.

III. Reiver Cave
We thought it was new. It seems to not be, but you never know.

IV. Unarmed Combat
Changes have been made to make it more in line with the Warrior Ways.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree