Meeting Minutes – 8/8/2011

In Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Sir Brinn, Denissa, Evia, Xanith, Perivan, Morgiest, Shirkon, Dame Deavon, Geijon

I. Squire Issues Denissa is squired to Sir Brinn (Scion), Gawyane is squired to Geijon (email above is his), Caeledon is squired to Tebon, but hasn't been seen much, Tagari is squired to Shirkon, but is MIA again. Evia has intentions to take a squire, but he's been missing since the troll attacks by Drangell began.

II. Old Friends We're seeing a lot of returning people to the lands lately. We've been told to possibly anticipate Zyanna, and perhaps Thrudh if she can convince him this fall or winter.

(A facebook grouped called MAH GEMSTONERS at!/groups/gs4life/is driving a lot of this chatter)

III. Our meeting was interrupted for a while by a shadows appearance. He did make some comments that confirmed our suspicions from the Corpse Knight visit that when we destroyed the Mestanir Mandis Crystal we allowed the Arcane Eye or Summoners to return and then eventually end up in Wehnimer's Landing after being oppressed by Baron Hochstib and his Witch-Hunters. (The log is currently members only)

IV. Events Calender The Museum is set to open, but was postponed briefly. Camp out at House Phoenix is the first event of Frontier Days. It's at 6pm EST on 8/21. Helden Hall and the Gryphons event for the Wanton Games is scheduled for 3pm EST on 8/27.

V. MHO Tier Qualification We need 2 more events to maintain Tier 3 status for the year. We were founded in Fall of 5096 (1996) so this marks out 15th anniversary. Bring your ideas to our next meeting.

VI. Meeting Schedule We have a meeting on 8/21 and our event on 8/27 remaining for this month.

VII. Long Term Benefits We discussed our Dwarf Guard and located the scripts previous written. This is part of our long term benefits requests. If you've forgotten they can be reviewed here:

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree