Meeting Minutes - 8/18/2013

Attendance Sir Cryheart, Geijon, Dame Wanton, Azanoth, Shirkon

1. Costing 10 million. Our NPC Messaging was decided on. We'll be using 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8. The options are below:

Cryheart recites:
"1. The dwarven warrior tests the sharpness of his waraxe by running his calloused thumb along the edge, then touches the blade up with a honestone.
2. Glancing right and left, the dwarven warrior slips a flask from his pouch and takes a long swallow before belching loudly.
3. Using his fingers, the dwarven warrior combs his beard, dislodging crumbs of bread from his last meal.
4. Suddenly the dwarven warrior snatches a fly from mid-air, capturing it between two fingers.
5. Kneeling down, the dwarven warrior reties the laces of his boots and after brushing off some dust, stands and watches the approaches to the Holding.
6. The dwarven guard steps out to the road, glances down the slope, then squints suspiciously at the nearby forest.
7. Stepping away from the portcullis the dwarven guard kicks a pebble off the path.
8. A dwarven guard leaning against the wall smoking his pipe and enjoying a pint of stout while watching the roadway for anyone approaching the Holding."

His name will be Yurk Kaldicar

2. Costing 10 million. Our stable will be placed in the courtyard after the portcullis. This will bring us to 9 of 10 rooms.

3. 5 food items and a decision. We are out of objects so we'd have to exchange the interable chairs for a table or move these food request items down to the table in the room below our meeting area.

Cryheart says, "Exchange the chairs for a table."

4. The Food items themselves. 10 million cost and we need to raise these funds as we're short. The choices decided on were: (4) a snifter of warmed pear brandy, a wedge of golden cheddar cheese, a cup of warm bergamot tea, a chalice of dark red wine.

Plus a choice of dessert - suet pudding, Frangipane Tart with pears, almond, and custard, Apricot dariole, saffron bread pudding, or a brandy-laced piece of gingerbread

I do believe we need eat/drink descriptions and the like for all 5.

Plus donations! Deavon and I both committed 1.5 million totaling 3 million to the endowments.

By my hand,