Meeting Minutes - 8/21/2000

Hail Gryphons!

I am going to attempt to recall all that transpired at the meeting last Restday.

First item was about PR, and it was decided that an invitation would be sent out to Houses, particularly those that didn't attend our PR event at the Holding. They would be invited to attend one of our regular scheduled meetings and they would have dates to choose from, every other two week intervals. The idea for visiting other Houses with stories and ale to share was continued, but there was no specifics completed yet. We could have Kristing and the CHE committee assist in getting those invitations out, Geijon let's discuss the possibilities.

Valicar and Shangarr were guests. Valicar, commander of Mule militia, the Northern Fury, talked about how some remaining members of the past Landing Guard had been incorporated into the Mule militia. Solhaven and River's Rest are now setting up militias. He also mentioned that as soon as there are enough Landing citizens involved they will try to reinstate the Landing Guard. There are currently 80 members of the Mule Northern Fury. Valicar also presented the idea of combining and coordinating the militias from all cities into an all Elanthia Guard sometime in the future to protect everyone during invasions. He also asked for a liason between the Gryphons and the Northern Fury. Jeanius was mentioned as a likely candidate for that position.

Also, Haephestus, my apprentice was announced for testing. It seems our next meeting is 3 weeks hence, so several of ye have plenty of time to sharpen your blades in anticipation of the testing :-). Is that accurate the next meeting is 3 weeks from this past Restday?

I believe that was the entire business. If I overlook something I apologize.