Meeting Minutes – 8/22/2004

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 22 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5104.

In attendance: Sir Cryheart, Sir Eahlstan, Falicor, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Metadi, Sir Morgiest, Murgin, Shallimar, Shirkon, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara, Xanith

Guests: Mikos, Mourdeyan

I. Squire Issues
Mourdeyan has been reaccepted as a squire under Shirkon's charge by means of unanimous vote.

II. Lectures
1. The Largesse Lecture had a great turn out, though plans are to increase attendance at the next lecture as follows:
2. Set up at least one meeting at least one week in advance for members to discuss.
5. Coordinate with the town crier if possible; if not, delegate runners from the Gryphons to advertise via the amulet and at key points throughout the Landing and nearby towns three days beforehand.

Courage is to be the topic of the next lecture, led by Falicor. Discussions for it will be held this Volnes, the 23rd of Phoenatos.

Humility, led by Sir Kinshack will be next, three weeks hence.

Minutes by Shallimar