Meeting Minutes – 8/29/2010

Tagg, Cinabar, Shirkon, Murgin, and myself, along with our new Friend of the Order, Karibeth were present for the meeting.

Shirkon mentioned sending his squire, Tagari, on a task.

We discussed the Frontier Days beginning today.

Our event, Dame Wanton matches is this Saturday (Feastday) at 3 PM elven (eastern) at Helden Hall.

...and keep an eye out for the Orc or any relations of the Troll Prince.

Oh..anyone have a complete description of Vurk?

From Evia:

You see Lord Vurk Kaldicar the Dwarf Warrior.
He appears to be in his 80's, has long, straight black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a massive jet black vultite waraxe covered with jagged barbs and spurs in his right hand and a black vultite kite shield dotted with silver ora spikes and edged in crimson metallic vultite in his left hand.
He is wearing some black vultite full plate engraved in fine silver ora filigree and enruned with several unusual red glyphs, an imflass shoulder sheath, a steel chain mail sheath, a black leather pack, a black silk surcoat embossed with the image of two blood red axes crossed over a field of twelve stars, and some highly polished black boots.