Meeting Minutes - 8/29/1999

Heyo all,

Welan passed sponsorship of Draegar over to Cryheart.

It has been determined that Kythyn's soul is soon not to be her original... so she has passed her bracer over to the Rone Academy to deliver to us.

There is going to be another of the PR committee's talks this Niiman (Thursday) at 6:30 Elven time.

Frorin told his story to us... it can also be read at his website by clicking his name on the roster (a neato website too... the humor is pretty good! ::loves the one about the woman in armor::)

No meeting next week nor official hunt because of the holiday. There will be a meeting on the 12th. No meeting on the 19th or official hunt because it's the weekend of Simucon and many will be gone anyway.

Have a safe week :)