Meeting Minutes - 9/4/2011

In Attendance: Perivan, Sir Brinn, Evia, Sir Metadi, Sir Cryheart, Geijon, and Hialeah (Cryheart's Guest)

I. We discussed the continued activities for the former militiaman, Vaurus, who was spotted several times throwing crimson orbs that exploded. These caused significant damage and killed many when used. After the meeting and during the week a 2,000,000 coin bounty was offered by Mayor Walkar, before Vaurus was eventually killed. Many did attempt to apprehend him. He targeted the North Gate, Town Square, Small Park, and Thrak Inn along with his first attack outside the Barracks during Grishom Stone's merchant work.

II. Gryphon Standards. We all need to have our submissions ready. Please have some rough ideas, or fully formed ideas ready for the next meeting. Sir Cryheart mentioned that we're third on the long-term benefits wait list. You can find long-term benefits here:

III. Website updates such as roster changes from active to inactive or Squire adds can be communicated to Evia or Geijon. (I can be reached on AIM at Geijon and email at hvaimor). If you have suggestions, ideas, or grammar corrections, feel free. I will be prompt with the updates.

IV. The Siegery Shop has opened in Wehnimer's Landing! Get your Siegery figures anytime! Keep an eye out for the proprieter Warward at the Begetting Besiegers shop on Valeria St. next to Tykel's Arms.

V. We have two more events for the year. Ongoing discussion looks to be for our Winter Giveaway in December and a Banquet or Military Ball that we'd like to do twice a year in the future annually in the Spring and Fall. We'd have a custom tent, tokens or medals of some type, and prizes. It would be modeled after similar real life events to celebrate our accolades and honor the spirit of our Order.

Our prizes, medals, and various stored goods are in the Great Hall and can be accessed by pushing a button, but only Officers should know where.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree