Meeting Minutes - 9/9/2001

Many thanks to Lady Evia for this synopsis!

Gryphon Meeting for Sunday Sept. 9, 2001:

Attending: Cinabar, Kriztian, Skorrian, Dame Deavon, Strathe, Perigourd, Neq, Metadi, Sir Maldon, Humongor, Drallen, Sir Waldo2, Seesfar, Sir Ruffelin, Yarx, Cemb, Cryheart, Evia, Mikos.


I. Guests: Neq, guest of Sir Ruffelin. Perigourd, guest of Shangarr.

II. Squire Issues: none.

III. Task Forces:
From Ruffelin - Sir Ruffelin reiterated having asked for each Task Force leader to send him a report stating who the Second is, and who has been recruited. Noted report received from Evia, and Cryheart verbally. Cryheart will mail a written report. Those who have not volunteered for a Task Force, please speak to the leaders.

IV. Request for speakers in Solhaven:

From Ruffelin - Sir Ruffelin reported having received a scroll requesting speakers in Solhaven from Lady Sylanae regarding Hochstib, Malwind, the Empress, etc. He responded to her inquiry stating that he would ask for volunteers and get back with her regarding a date. Sir Ruffelin has handed this task off to Cryheart, and will forward him the letter of request from Lady Sylanae. Cryheart will send out a missive seeking volunteer speakers. Ruffelin asked for volunteers, with Kriztian and Cryheart offering. Cryheart will coordinate and communicate further with Lady Sylanae.

V. Request for Forging Lesson:

From Cryheart - There is a request by House Ravenwolf for a forging lesson. Lady Shaylnn said she would also try to get some other Houses to join in with them on the 28th of this month at around 10 pm elven. Any who wish to come and assist, please do so. Cryheart will put the item on the calendar.

VI. Kobold situation, update:

From Ruffelin - Ruffelin and Yzan were at the barricade area when the archmage arrived stating that he is not a kobold, and called himself an Illusionist. Further, that that form and the use of the kobolds is to lull us into a sense of false security. The archmage claimed to have powers such as we have never seen, but yawned when asked to demonstrate them. The archmage has on a previous appearance requested to meet with our "greatest warrior." Ruffelin speculated whether that perhaps did not mean a warrior after all, but perhaps a wizard and if we should not be aiding the wizards in the research they are conducting. Many people assumed that the "greatest warrior" referred to Drizzsdt, although no name was stated by the archmage.

VII. Sheruvian lord spotted in the graveyard:

From Ruffelin - Ruffelin reported that he had met up with a Sheruvian lord in the graveyard last week. He was able to tackle him about half the time, before the sheruvian set him on fire. Prior to this he had killed many. Sir Cemb clarified that sheruvian lords are a rank of their army. It did not speak while Ruffelin was there, but seemed to stride about in a purposeful fashion. Sir Cemb reported that there was a large sheruvian attack early in the morning early or midweek. Ruffelin's encounter was in the later part of the week, to his recollection.

VIII. Meeting Minutes and Scribe:

From Ruffelin - Ruffelin inquired whether people wished to have minutes mailed after each meeting, with an affirmative response. Since we have no active Scribe at present, Ruffelin will send them out for the time being. He asked that anyone interested in the position of Scribe to send him a scroll. Ruffelin stated that we should try to get a reliable Scribe in place by the first of next month.

IX. Council Meeting:

From Ruffelin - Sir Ruffelin has scheduled a meeting with Council and Sir Maldon one hour prior to the next regular meeting. (8:00 pm Elven)

X. Forging & Testing Meeting:

From Mikos - Mikos has scheduled a meeting for this coming Wednesday evening at 10 pm elven. It will be essentially the same as previously, except that a few new materials may be swapped in. Anyone interested is welcome to come. It is not restricted to only those that have tested in the past. Mikos also requested that if anyone sees Jeanius between now and then, he missed a scheduled meeting a few weeks back and has not had chance to catch her since. If someone could make a point to see that the word gets to her. Ruffelin will put the meeting on the calendar, and send out a reminder.

NEXT MEETING: Sept 23rd, 9:00 Elven