Meeting Minutes - 9/9/2012

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Balantine, Sir Ruffelin, Cryheart, Perivan, Goldstr, Evia, Damn Deavon, Cinabar, Sir Metadi (Late), Goddi (Guest)

Sir Ruffelin was welcomed back prior to the beginning of the meeting and we got him squared away with all the appropriete paperwork for his Warrior Guild Master status. Then Sir Cryheart called the meeting to begin.

I. Town Council MHO Event Credit
We've been credited with 5 events for the year. 1 more is needed to maintain and qualify for our yearly MHO Tier 3 status.

II. Long Term Benefits
We're up for 2. The first being our long discussed NPC plus an EZscript of some type around and item or atmospheric messaging. Atmospheric messaging seemed to be a strong contender and a recommendation that Maldon's figurine state our creed. Currently messaging seems to be leading. A few examples:

Location: Roof
A griffins cry echoes in the distance and you catch a glimpse of one out on the horizon

Location: First floor (Original meeting area)
Ye feel a cold shiver as if touched by a memory of the the past, when a ghosty knightr sits down for a brief rest

A ghostly knight apparition rides in on a shadowy steed swinging his sword at a liche, then gallops off chasing the liche.

Location: Open Courtyard
oil and smells perhaps, fighters training with wooden swords.

Location: Barbican
Guards changing

Location: Gryphon Holding (At the portcullis)
Distance sounds of marching boots

III. Guest arrival.
Goddi joined us as we toured the holding. He has an open invitation for next week

IV. Holding Room Count
The Holding *might* be 8 rooms. We'll check as if that is the case we can add up to 10 total.

If I missed anything or for further discussion or fleshing out of the atmospheric messaging please feel free to discuss!

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree