Meeting Minutes - 9/12/1999

Heyo all,

We had a fine meeting tonight in which Geijon announced Kritzian as his apprentice.

We had a discussion of the events in Solhaven and how to deal with them. Here's one of the more relevant comments that fairly summed it up:

Cemb says, "we have no duty to vornavis, we are knights errant of the human empire, who happen to be recognized, and in alliance with vornavis....the landing is our lands to protect and see that it is law abiding, and does not cause problems to other areas of the empire. if we can not do this, in my mind our existance can only hurt the landing, because Hochstib will very soon, use the claims that we are not the nobility of these lands, because we can not control our ruffians"

This also spurred on an idea about PR telling stories because one of the issues raised by Mnar was that the adventurers who lived in Solhaven didn't know the political situation at all... did not know Hochstib nor even Malwind, the Baron of their own territory. I volunteered, pending Cryheart's approval to give informal tales, anyone who would like to help, again pending Cryheart's approval I welcome your assistance :)

Also Haephestus, a guest this evening who was also present at Solhaven during our long talk with Mnar, pointed out that Gertie, the fruit ice seller, told the "invaders" to go talk to the Merchant Council if they wanted to talk to the leaders of the city. A point to ponder about Solhaven and Vornavis.

Metadi announced that the Wehnimer Guard has had a changing of the guard so to speak, and the leadership is now changed. As such he suggested that a new policy of cooperation between the Guard and the Gryphons begin, to which everyone seemed agreeable. At our next meeting in 2 weeks, we're going to discuss how to approach them with such an idea. Things to share were suggested as tactics, stories back and forth and so on. It was also suggested we join forces with the Phoenix Defenders, as long as they don't pull religious issues into the defense of the town, which it was suggested they do not do.

Ruffelin will continue to work on the hand signals and send out information to the members.

Also I'm going to be working on some new member packets and new apprentice packets.... scrolls of importance and instructions to send out to new members (apprentice rules, other documents of that ilk) and new apprentices (how to join the mailing list... where the website is, etc). If you can think of an important thing you'd like to see included in such bundles of scrolls please do not hesitate to send me a note. This will be approved by Brinn before it's sent out to everyone :)

Remember... no meeting next week because of Simucon.... regular meeting in two weeks.

Welcome Kriztian and have safe hunts!