Meeting Minutes - 9/23/2001

Squires, Members, and Knights in attendance: Brinn, Cemb, Cinabar, Cryheart, Deavon, Drallen, Humongor,Hyoko, Jeanius, Kriztian, Maldon, Ruffelin, Seesfar, Strathe, Thrudh, Tilarium, Waldo2, Yarx, Zyanna Ruffelin opened the meeting at 9 PM Elven.

Guests Falonn attended the meeting as a guest of Ruffelin.

Squire issues Seesfar, Jeanius's squire, had an item to put before the order.

Drallen, Ruffelin's squire, will hopefully be announced for testing meeting next, tested within one month.

Skorrian, Deavon's squire, requires a few more trainings.

Seesfar brought the following issue before the Order:

Silverwood Manor attacked 2 evenings ago. At the moment, only the outer walls and the sign remain intact. Currently, there are no suspects, but highly potent magic was used.

Seesfar says,"Two eves ago a storm centered over the manor and an evil laugh was heard coming from the winds."

Seesfar says, "I would ask that any Gryphon member that might hear of any information that could assist us in our investigation of these events to please let me know."

Invasion News
Kobold Situation: No news.

Sheruvian Invasions of Graveyard: No news.

Icemule: Kriztian reported that Thurfel helped to protect the town from an attack by mein golems, shadow mercenaries, and a Fury. It has been postulated that Thurfel is trying to keep the invaders from acquiring a staff of great power that might be in the area. Thurfel may or may not know the exact location of the staff. Its existence was overheard from the invaders.

Other News:
Kriztian reported that in the Krolvin Mines someone found a sack of rohnuru potions on a warfarer. This points to a possible connection with Bin. The sack of potions was turned over to Wizard Guild masterTelchor.

Cinabar reported that Telchor led a group to Hobgoblin Tower and recovered a tome of some sort. Morandas will be sought to report on the topic at the next meeting.

Applications for SCRIBE should be sent to Ruffelin via themessage runner. (E-mail Scribe will be responsible for taking notes at meetings, providing minutes of meetings, keeping information on Squires and Sponsors for testing eligibility dates, etc.

Ruffelin proposed that an oath for squires and members be drawn up, and will deliver an initial proposal at the next meeting.

Meeting was then closed for Members Only Discussion. A note regarding this subject will be sent out by Sir Brinn prior to the next meeting. Next Meeting: October 7, 9:00 p.m. ET.