Meeting Minutes - 9/23/2012

In attendance: Arpelli, Evia, Sir Metadi, Shirkon, Balantine, Karibeth, Sir Cryheart, Sir Ruffelin, Geijon and Goddi (Ruffelin's Guest) We all observed a moment of silence for the passing of Yarx before opening the meeting. I. Squire Issues
Goddi was introduced as Ruffelin's guest. We had no squire issues to bring force.

II. MHO Perks
We've decided on the dwarf guardsman NPC and the stables expansion upon our turn in the long term Tier 3 benefits.We had some additional discussion and jokes at the dwarven contingent of our members expense, but it was all in good fun. A few of the guardsmans actions followed, please be sure to vet them for punctuation and accuracy.

"The dwarven warrior tests the sharpness of his waraxe by running his finger along the edge, then touches it up with a honestone."

"Glancing right and left, the dwarven warrior slips a flask from his pouch and takes a long swallow before belching loudly."

"Using his fingers the dwarven warrior combs his beard dislodging crumbs of bread from his last meal."

"Suddenly the dwarven warrior snatches a fly from the air and crushes it before wiping his hand with a cloth."

"Kneeling the dwarven warrior reties the laces of his warboots then after brushing off some dust, he stands and watches the approaches to the Holding."

Locations discussed we're inside the portcullis/barbican area before the arch for the stables in the form of a gate, door, swinging doors, half door, invar gate, etc.

To the side are a number of stalls for the Holding's mounts
A pair of large doors lead to the stables."

III. Walkar and Wehnimer's Stirrings
Attacks occured in Wehnimers several evenings, elementals and fire salamanders then several evenings later large spiders (130th). Walkar is also acting strangely so be alert. Writings from Grishom Stone's book have been analyzed by Seomanthe and Greganth and they eerily mimic some recent events.

IV. Ebon Gate Next Month
If you plan to attend get ready for digging and other excitement.

V. Winter Giveaway / Next event
We want to ensure we're all in the same place and if we do the winter giveaway it's changed

VI. Spirit Night Plans
The CHEs of Elanthia have big plans for next months festivities. Be sure to participate!

VII. Lobster Claws and Charms
In memory of Yarx from his Mentors memorial. We all traveled to Silverwood manor to ensure those in attendance recieved theirs.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree