Meeting Minutes – 9/27/2009

Balantine, Aydan, Tagg, Misun, Geijon, Perivan, Kriztoffen, Shirkon, Cryheart, Metadi, Evia, Guarrin

Jyax - Guest of Morgiest
Squire Issues:



Shirkon - New harbor on Mist Harbor (FWI). Skipping stones, and you cannot cook the fish in the shop but apparently they can be skipped on the water.

Cryheart- No word about the fishing pond yet

Deavon recalled the assassination attempt made on her life, at the Holding during the war with Jantalar.

The order requires one more event for this year. Possibilities include the Annual winter gift giveaway.

Please forward any ideas for a possible guard for the Holding to the gryphons courier.

No word from the Lord Provost. The Hag was heard around Haven, crying about her jewels again.

There may be no need to reschedule the meetings, since the last one for October will be the week before Ebons Gate, but we should know for certain this week.

Events in Icemule appear to have been resolved.

Some strange events around the Rift, regarding the sphere taking more spirit as people traverse it. Be wary while hunting there.

A reminder, the official gryphon tattoo is a regal gryphon tattoo Inked in silver and enclosed within a ruby red circle is a majestic gryphon on a field of black. Silver script runs outside the red circle, prominent against the black, reading "To Serve With Honor, By Deed and Example