Meeting Minutes – 10/2/2011

In attendance: Sir Cryheart, Lady Evia, Sir Morgiest, Sir Yarx, Shirkon, Lord Perivan, Sir Metadi, Dame Deavon

I. The first topic of discussion was the proposed prize list submitted by Dame Deavon. Of the 17 suggestions, the five that will be eliminated for the current request are: the candle, incense, kite, warpaint and quill. Those items will be saved for the next prize list request.

II. Next, the discussion turned to the dates for the upcoming Gala and annual winter giveaway. After careful consideration of various dates in Eoantos and Eorgaen, the final vote was to hold the giveaway on the 4th of Eorgaen (December 4th) and the gala on the 18th of Eorgaen (December 18th).

III. Regarding the gala, Dame Deavon suggested that the event be dubbed "The Black and Silver Solstice Gala." We will be renting a tent for the evening which will include a dance floor.

IV. The topic that followed is of the utmost sensitivity and is not to be discussed outside of the Order's membership. Sir Cryheart shared a rumor that accusations may be forthcoming for those who were present the evening Mayor Walkar "escaped," and that unspecified members of the Order may be among the accused. An announcement by Barnom Slim, which you can read on the town message tree, seems to support the rumor. [Moratorium has since expired]

V. Finally, regarding the alabaster constructs that have attacked the town repeatedly over the last couple weeks. The constructs arrive inside a rock "egg" that must be broken open. Once it opens, anywhere from 1 to 4 constructs will emerge. The constructs are exceptionally skilled [750AS, ~500DS in offensive]. The best strategy seems to be to immediately vacate the room after the egg "hatches" and then try to attack the constructs individually as they move around. Keep in mind that they stand on corpses, preventing dragging. Fogging is possible but dangerous, given how hard and how quickly the constructs attack.