Meeting Minutes – 10/3/2004

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 3 of the month Jastatos in the year 5104.

Meeting Directed by Sir Cryheart

Members in attendance: Sir Cryheart, Sir Eahlstan, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Kriztian, Sir Morgiest, Murgin, Shallimar, Shirkon, Xanith, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance: Mourdeyan

I. Squire Issues

Mourdeyan is working on researching the story of a legendary knight of the Empire. Shirkon and Murgin expect she will be presenting her discoveries to the Order soon.

II. Chivalry Seminars

To make the seminars a bit more effective, Kinshack suggested we make the following updates to our planning:
1) Allow more planning time for the meetings
2) Use the planning meetings to create a consensus of what the Order will present
4) Choose a guest speaker and coordinate with them to understand ahead of time what they will be presenting.
5) During the seminar itself, allow the coordinator to speak the Order's consensus without interruption; the guest speaker will follow suit
6) Once the two speeches have been delivered, open the discussion but have the coordinator moderate in a fashion similar to the way a chair directs our regular meetings.

III. Faith Seminar

Sir Morgiest has expressed a desire to direct the Faith seminar. Also, we have recruited Truekillr to be our guest speaker. We aim to hold this seminar about five weeks out, and will hold planning meetings in the meantime.

IV. Paladins

Get prepared to talk about letting paladins into the Order. We plan to have some discussion on this in the near future.

Minutes by Shallimar