Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011

Hey all,

Last night was a short meeting with no business to discuss so the chairs and the knights scheduled the meeting for next week before the regular meeting about the structure of the Order and if democracy is truly the way to go, as per Hyoko's suggestion of 3 weeks ago. Remember that this is just for the chairs and Welan, Cemb and Maldon. Our meeting starts at the regular time next week.

After this, Hyoko told us of his past in a truly spell-binding story of sorrow. This will be on the webpage sometime today probably. The address for that for those that have forgotten is:

It is also linked from Gemstone's links to player pages.

Also here is a site you all might do well to examine:

Written by our own friend Mikos, it's a Jantalaran history lesson.

I'll also be linking to this page from our pages, as it's important part of our Order.

Remember, if you've got a historical article pertaining to the Order or yourself, that I'll be happy to link to it, or put it up at our site... that's part of what our site is about.