Meeting Minutes - 10/7/2001

Regular Meeting, 7 October, 2001

In Attendance: Seesfar, Shangarr, Cemb, Evia, Shirkon, Cryheart, Drallen, Ruffelin, Kriztian, Jeanius, Humongor, Strathe, Metadi, Yarx, Deavon, Skorrian, Thrudh, Zyanna

Guests: Morandas (Ruffelin), Pomic (Cryheart)

Agenda Items:

1) Morandas related his discovery of a tome in the Shrine of Mularos in the hobgoblin area. Unfortunately the tome crumbled when Meguas opened it, so no knowledge was gained from the book. There was also some discussion that recent invasions involving a Sheruvian Priestess and a Sheruvian Lord, and the item they seek, may be tied to the Archmage in the kobold village.

2) Drallen was put forth for testing at the next meeting. Anyone with questions or objections to be voiced prior to that time, please contact the Council or Sponsor (Ruffelin).

3) Survey forms are being returned by some Members. Others were encouraged to fill them out and return them as soon as possible. This information will be forwarded to Tactical.

4) Task Force Leaders were asked to set up meetings before the end of the month. Preferably at non-conflicting times so that Members who wished to join more than one Task Force might be able to do so. TF Leaders were asked to send out announcements when a date is set.

5) Liaison Task Force Leader Cryheart discussed setting up travelling Forging Lesson sessions to be held in various locations once the public forges have opened.

6) Ruffelin announced that he'd spoken to Asglyn and obtained the information needed to access the Gryphon website. Evia has already taken a look at the site and Geijon may be helping with that as well. We hope to have the site updated shortly.

7) The position of Scribe is vacant. Members were asked to apply for the position. Members informally nominated Evia, who declined due to other positions, and Drallen. As there is no requirement for the Scribe to be a Member, Drallen was generally regarded as a good choice for the job. He's already taken minutes and assisted with Scribe duties in the past. If there are no volunteers before the next meeting, a new Scribe will be appointed. (Send in your application, Drallen!)

8) Ruffelin asked all Sponsors to send him a scroll listing the full name of their Squires, as well as when the Squires were brought in. He'd like a brief status report on the progress of the Squires, as well.

9) The proposed Oath of Membership was discussed. Evia made a motion to accept the Oath as written, seconded by Kriztian. By a vote of 11 - Aye, 1 - Nay, and 1 - Abstain, the oath was adopted. All new Members will be required to take the Oath. Existing Members may voluntarily take the Oath. At the next meeting we will discuss whether existing Members will be required to take the Oath and how it is to be generally administered.

10) Cemb and others updated us on recent invasions.

11) Cemb led a party of Members to the Shrine of Mularos to investigate the area which Morandas had described.

12) A Council Meeting was called for after the Regular Meeting.

NEXT MEETING: 21 October, 2001 - 9:00 p.m. ET