Meeting Minutes - 10/20/2002

In attendance:
Sir Brinn, Sir Cemb, Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Eahlstan, Evia, Strathe, Thrudh, Yarx, Yviara, Zyanna

I. Squire Issues
Shirkon has returned from his absence and resumed his squireship under Geijon.

II. Solhaven
Lord Cryheart reported that Draezir had sent an ultimatum for surrender to the town of Solhaven. Lady Songie of HERT has requested the Order’s assistance in defending the town.

III. Jantalarian Knights
Lord Cryheart called for future incursions into the Jantalar encampment near Solhaven by the Order. Proceeds from such attacks would go to the Order treasury.

Lord Cryheart closed the meeting.

The Order then led an assault on the Jantalar Encampents.