Meeting Minutes - 10/24/1999

In Attendance: (Uncaptured)

Heyo all,

We talked about Holswort some and what his motives are, and seemed to agree that he wants to stir up trouble more than actually assassinate folks.

I talked briefly about the situation with Malwind's guards and the message given to them. So far no return message has come from Malwind, so we can only hope he received it.

We talked about Glarb's bracer a bit and Kythyn's departure from the lands. Brinn will settle the matters and said: "If you are approached by him or by someone else in this matter, I ask that you conduct yourselves as your station dictates, and do not be rude or harsh. I ask that you refer anyone with a question to me, and I will deal with it."

Also if anyone has anything to say about Glarb or Kythyn, please write directly to Brinn

Then we went on to the matter of Titaniia's key, which Brinn said he will retrieve.

I volunteered to retrieve Glarb's key since he is rarely on.

Welan announced that Battle Plan is planning to restart their meetings (time forthcoming) and that any and all are invited to be a part, even if in the past you were not.

Cryheart announced that PR is having another talk on Thursday this week about Patience this time. Starting time is 9:30 Elven time in the evening.

Also if you're having trouble with email not going out... if you don't receive it back within a day, then send it out again. Better to have it twice than not at all.

No meeting next week, but a hunt. Another meeting in 2 weeks.

Good hunting!