Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011

Heya all,

This week Lady Deavon announced that she would take Kytaara's apprenticeship over from Welan, but then there was some confusion and the decision was put off for a couple of weeks.

Nextly yours truly was announced as being ready for testing next week, so everyone that wants to watch the slaughter of the rogue, should come on back next week if it comes to that :D

Next we discussed nominees for the new structure of the Order. And the nominees are: Hyoko, Cemb, Deavon, Thrudh, Brinn, Wanton, Deavon, Titaniia

We also grilled Hyoko & Deavon regarding their thoughts about serving as leader. Cemb will go under the knife next week as well as those folks in the council list.

Happy hunting!