Meeting Minutes – 11/7/2004

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 7 of the month Eoantos in the year 5104.

Members in attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Sir Morgiest, Shallimar, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance: None (...that whole getting married thing and all...)

Guests in attendance: Tatiyanna

Kriztian chaired the meeting.

I. Miscellaneous

The meeting started later than usual because most of the Gryphons attended Mourdeyan's wedding. Congratulations Mourdeyan!

Tatiyanna distributed chrism gems to the members present and advised using them in emergency situations. If you perish and need to recover quickly, ask your cleric to use a chrism gem to raise you, and then replace theirs with the ones supplied by Tatiyanna. Many thanks Tatiyanna!

II. Squire Issues

Murgin and Shirkon formed a task for Mourdeyan to complete, the success of which will be reported next meeting.

III. Faith Seminar

The Faith Seminar was rescheduled to occur on the 12th of Eorgaen (12/12). Sir Morgiest will be the primary speaker from the Gryphons and will also coordinate the advertisement of this event. Truekillr will be our guest speaker. Expect the event to occur at 9 PM EST outside Kai's Shrine. Kinshack to work on getting the event posted in the news.

IV. Election

Nominations have been kicked off, in a separate note I Dame Deavon will convey the detailed nominations and also provide a running status of who the nominees are. Voting will commence in four weeks.