Meeting Minutes - 11/7/1999

In Attendance: Draegar, Drallen, Ingrid, Brinn, Cemb, Yarx, Knightfall, Gilwen, Kriztian, Celtillusd, Metadi, Pyranth, Hyoko, Ruffelin, Zyanna, Humongor, Tilarium, Geijon, Evia, Cryheart and Asglyn.

Meeting Started at 10:07PM EST.

Apprentice Issues:
Asglyn requested to take on Tilarium apprenticeship in liew of Errick's resignation. To be affective next meeting (11-14-99) pending no objections.

Metadi announced intention to take Jeanius as an apprentice affective the next meeting (11-14-99) pending no objections.

Agenda Items:
Brinn asked all visitors to depart for a closed meeting with Full Members. A discussion ensued surrounding the recent events that lead to the departure of Jafirnn and Errick.

Details of this meeting discussion are not posted in minutes. A log is available for those that wish it, please reply to this address.

Current policy stands as outlined by Sir Brinn regarding former members of the Order. Any issues, concerns or problems with former members are to be brought to Sir Brinn personally for discussion prior to open discussion with other members of the order.

Next Meeting: 11-14-99 @ 10pm EST.