Meeting Minutes – 11/8/2009

Restday, day 8 of the month Eoantos in the year 5109

In attendance:
Bristenn, Sir Yarx, Vilkea, High Lady Cinabar who is sitting, Lord Balantine, Lord Perivan who is kneeling, Tebon who is sitting, Metadi, Protector Aydan, Shirkon, Guarrin, Sir Cryheart, Protector Misun, Dame Deavon

Squire issues:
Bristenn was given his final test against Shirkon and promoted onto full membership.

The pond and dwarf guard will be delayed until next year.

It was brought up that the use of combat manuvers during combat testing needs to be revisted and discussed in the near future

Next month, the 13th, is our Winter Giveaway. Bring things for young ones, prizes and gifts for those who cannot hold vultite yet. Weapons, herbs, statues...