Meeting Minutes - 11/8/1998

Heya folks,

We asked Cemb some questions regarding his feelings toward leadership. We then asked Wanton as to hers in regards to the council.

Gurbah paid us a visit, surprisingly decked out in livery of Baron Malwind (who's first name is Dunrith for those of ye that were asking), and said that the Baron will be arriving Saturday evening (whatever evening constitutes) and wishes to speak to the Town and wishes that the Gryphons attend as well. What time on Saturday other than "Evening" wasn't determined :/

Regarding what to say about Malwind, we agreed to this:

Brinn says, "We state that we had a visitor claiming that we would have another visitor on a specific night. We believe the first visitor (Gurbah) to be a reliable source, and we believe there will be a visitor on Saturday."

Brinn says, "We say this only to our Members, and we inform, by word of mouth, Militia leaders."

Brinn says, "We mail all our members with minutes from tonight."

Brinn says, "Then we all go to bed and sleep.

Then we spoke for a long time with Lord Vurk who has stated that the Dwarven Council that has let us use their forge in the mine below the Holding, has sent him to guard the place. More information than that hasn't been forthcoming but watch this space for further developments.

There is also a PR meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 8 eastern time, so all folks involved in that please attend if you can. :)