Meeting Minutes - 11/13/2000

Meeting Minutes - Order of the Silver Gryphon
12th day of Eoantos (November, 2000)

Attending were: Tilarium, Cryheart, Shangarr, Sir Cemb, Jeanius, Dame Deavon, Geijon, Sir Ruffelin, Shangarr, Sir Hyoko, Strathe, Yarx, Humongor, Zyanna, Evia, and Draegar.

Guests: Yzan and Drallen (both invited by Ruffelin)

Items discussed:
1) Sir Hyoko will be taking an indefinite leave of absence. For those of you who were present and heard his reasons, let us respect the honorable fashion in which he handled the matter and keep our thoughts, speculations, and opinions to ourselves. We hope that Hyoko will return to us when he is ready.

2) With Hyoko taking a sabbatical, Yzan's Apprenticeship status has changed. Yzan will now be Apprenticed to Evia, effective immediatly.

3) Asglyn indicated, via scroll, that he would not be returning in the near future as he still needs time to deal with personal issues. It had been Asglyn's intention to bring Drallen into the Order as his Apprentice.

However, since Asglyn will not be able to serve in the capacity of Sponsor and did not wish Drallen to have to wait until his return, he gave permission for a new Sponsor to be obtained for Drallen. No other Apprentices having been announced for the month of Eoantos (November), Drallen was officially added to the Roster with Ruffelin as his Sponsor.

4) Also relating to Asglyn's absence was the matter of the Order needing someone to handle the duties of Scribe. Hence, a new position was created. The position of Second Scribe will be that of assistant to the chief Scribe of the Order. Tilarium has volunteered to fill the Second Scribe position. He will record meeting minutes, mail them to Members, record Apprentice information, etc.

I believe Asglyn stated that he would still be able to maintain the Gryphon information tree (web site). If anyone has any changes or updates for the tree, please send them to me. I've already sent some to Asglyn. Also, I'll ask him about getting access to the Members section for Shangarr, Yzan (who may already have it), and Drallen. If anyone else has questions or problems in this area, please let me know.

5) There was a discussion about the saplings growing in various towns, as well as the odd murmurings and strange activities associated with the saplings. Cryheart has written a scroll on this topic. If anyone has any more information or wishes to share ideas/knowledge regarding the saplings, etc., we encourage you to send scrolls to the entire Order via our private Runner. [Banaltra/Fetidmor storyline]

6) In light of information indicating that Hochstib may be up to something, in addition to the odd business with the saplings, it was felt that the Task Forces should be reactivated. However, due to the fact that we've both gained and lost Members over the past year, we'll be rebuilding the Task Forces from the ground up. They will also be reorganized and, most likely, renamed. We will discuss this in more depth at the next meeting.

If you are interested in heading up a Task Force, have ideas for things you'd like the Task Forces to do, or if you'd like to get more involved in Order activities, please attend the coming meeting.

7) PLEASE NOTE: The next meeting will be this coming Restday (Sunday), the 19th of Eoantos (November). We've moved it up a week due to the upcoming holiday of feasting (Thanksgiving) during which many of our Members will be travelling to be with family.

If I've omitted anything or if anyone spots errors in what I've reported, please let me know. See you all at the next meeting!