Meeting Minutes - 11/14/1999

In Attendance: Cemb, Frorin, Jeanius, Pyranth, Kriztian, Metadi, Hyoko, Draegar, Maldon, Tilarium, Yarx, Thrudh, Brinn, Zyanna, Kiora, Tarlaxx, Humongor, Gilwen, Ruffelin, Cryheart, Evia, Drallen, Deavon

Proceedings: Meeting Started at 10:11PM EST. A log is available upon request.

Brinn annouced that his messenger can be reached at: XXXXX

Apprentice Issues: Tilariam was apprenticed to Asglyn this week due to Lord Errick's departure from the lands.

Jeanius was apprenticed to Metadi for the November apprenctice opening.

Agenda Items: There was a general discussion about Edmond from Vornavis, a member of The Order of the Golvern Star. Which is an order very close to the core of the empire and its historical ideals. According to Sir Maldon, their ideals parallel ours quite a bit. There was some discussion as to having him attend a meeting so the order could talk with him.

Holswort was also brought up and Sir Brinn stated that nothing is to be done with him, or to him until it is cleared with the Order.

There was also some recent talks of the "Invasions" that happened recently. The troll and Golem invasion that happened earlier in the week.

There will be a public discussion on Patience this Thursday at 10pm EST.

There was also some mild dicussion related to noble and profession titles.

Next Meeting: 11-21-99 @ 10pm EST, very brief, then a hunt afterwards.