Meeting Minutes - 11/20/2000

Minutes for Regular Meeting of the Order of the Silver Gryphon 19 Eaontos (November), 2000

Attending were: Draegar, Gilwen, Knightfall, Jeanius, Evia, Shangarr, Frorin, Zyanna, Thrudh, Sir Maldon, Yarx, Yzan, Strathe, Sir Waldo2, Tilarium, Cryheart, Kriztian, Sir Welan, Drallen, Sir Ruffelin, Sir Cemb, Dame Deavon, Humongor, Geijon, Gilwen, Knightfall, and Haephestus.

Guests: Spaewife (guest of Sir Welan), Falicor, Xuxiang, Kismia, and Titaniia (guests of Sir Ruffelin).

Xuxiang and Kismia gave a detailed discussion of their efforts to decipher the puzzle of the chants and gather the items they have deduced will be necessary against the banaltra. This was followed by a question and answer period and several Members added their own ideas/theories.

Yzan told of his encounter with a young elven lad who is believed to be Lorminstra in human form. He also supplied tkaro root to Xuxiang and Kismia for their experiments.

Tkaro root was distributed to the Members present. There is a possibility that the root may block the mind numbing thrum of the feithidmor.

Members were asked to continue to patrol the Landing as often as time permits. With the constable having run for cover, the Landing remains largely unprotected. Also, Members are welcome to accompany the Lorekeeper caravans to Ice Mule serving as armed escorts. These things fall under the duties of our charter.

We will be organizing three (3) Task Groups. The first, Silver Gryphons Liaison Office, is already active under Cryheart's leadership. The second will be an Intelligence/Reconaissance group and the third will be a Strategy/Tactics group. (A more detailed explanation will be mailed out soon.)

The next meeting will be held on the 3rd of Eorgaen (December). Enjoy the holiday, all!