Meeting Minutes - 11/21/1999

In Attendance: Jeanius, Tilarium, Hyoko, Maldon, Deavon, Brinn, Pyranth, Geijon, Haephestus, Cryheart, Yarx, Gilwen, Ruffelin, Kiora, Evia, Humongor, Asglyn, Cemb, Waldo2

Meeting Started at 10:02 PM EST.
A log is available upon request.

Apprentice Issues:
Jeanius's apprenticeship was confirmed today, she received her key and apron, and a warm welcome by all.

Agenda Items:
Brinn appointed Asglyn offical scribe for the Order this evening, in Errick's stead. There was no opposition.

Brinn put forward a motion to appoint Asglyn as official Herald in Errick's stead. The motion was seconded by Ruffelin. The measure was voted upon by the attending members. The motion was passed (9 for, 1 against, 0 abstentions).

Asglyn spoke briefly on the OOC Membership website, And advised all members of it's continued existance, and asked that it please be used, as the BBS was getting lonely. :)

Next Meeting: 12-05-99 @ 10pm EST