Meeting Minutes - 11/22/1998


We asked a few questions of Dalimar and others, then Brinn announced how we would vote.

The candidates are:
Hyoko, Cemb, Dalimar, Brinn, Deavon, Wanton, Thrudh, Cemb, Titaniia

Brinn says, "Voting will be handled via mail. All votes will be sent to me personally."

Brinn says, "Votes should be sent to XXXX Do not carbon copy anyone."

Brinn says, "Votes should be split into two parts, a vote for leader and a vote for council members."

Brinn says, "The first part of your vote should read Leader: ."

Brinn says, "The second part of your vote should read Council: , , "

Brinn says, "The council vote should be placed in the priority that you would like to see the members elected in."

Brinn says, "The Council vote will be a weighted vote, with the first position being given three points, the second two points, and the third one point."

Brinn says, "The three candidates with the most points will be elected to the three council positions."

Brinn says, "In the event of a tie, a second vote will be called."

Brinn says, "If a person eligible for the Leader position appears in any of your council vote slots, you must designate one alternate to receive that vote. That alternate can appear in a later slot. For example, my vote might read:"

Brinn says, "Leader: Bob"

Brinn says, "Council: Bob (Mary), Mary (Wendy), Wendy (Howard)"

Brinn says, "In this way, if one of your candidates for Council is elected to the Leader position, then there is not an empty slot for your Council vote."

Brinn says, "All votes must be in no later than 12:00 noon EST on Saturday, 12 December."

Brinn says, "I will notify everyone of the results of the vote in the meeting on Sunday, 13 Dec."

Brinn says, "People not in attendance of this meeting will be notified via the meeting minutes."