Meeting Minutes - 12/3/2000

Meeting Minutes for 3rd of Eorgaen (December, 2000)

Members present: Sir Brinn, Knightfall, Yarx, Humongor, Gilwen, Sir Cemb, Evia, Cryheart, Drallen, Sir Ruffelin, Drallen, Kriztian, Sir Maldon, Shangarr, Thrudh, Zyanna, Tilarium, Yzan, Dame Deavon

Guests: Falicor and Thalena (Kriztian), Gentledove (Yarx), Dharkrhaven (Evia), Titaniia (Ruffelin, on behalf of Welan)

The survey, regarding changing the meeting time from 10:00 p.m. elven to 9:00 p.m. elven, was 2 to 1 in favor. We will test the new meeting time for 4 meetings beginning with the next meeting on the 17th. Reminders will be sent out ahead of time.

Ruffelin apologized for not getting out the information about the Task Forces, due to preoccupation with the banaltra invasion.

The banaltra invasion ended on the preceeding night. All Members were thanked for patrolling the town, defending the citizenry, scrounging for items, helping to discern the answers to the riddles, and generally upholding our charge to the best of their ability. Special recognition went to Kriztian and Welan who were selected for the team that assaulted the lair of the feithidmor.

Sir Maldon sugested that we consider changing the title "Apprentice" to "Squire" as it might be more in keeping with our general aim of becoming knights through pursuit of the Order's goals. Sir Brinn made a motion along those lines, which was seconded by Cryheart. The term was officially changed to "Squire" by a vote of 10 ayes, 1 nay, and 2 abstentions. Note: The change is in title only. Squire is now the official title of a Gryphon in training. The term "apprentice" no longer has any official status within the Order.

Next meeting: 9:00 p.m. elven, on the 17th of Eorgaen.