Meeting Minutes - 12/5/1999

In Attendance: Geijon, Draegar, Waldo2, Metadi, Pyranth, Wanton, Knightfall, Jeanius, Hyoko, Ruffelin, Humongor, Yarx, Evia, Gilwen, Cryheart, Cemb, Asglyn, Frorin, Tilarium

Guests: Haephestus, Tarlaxx

Meeting Started at 10:07PM EST.

Apprentice Issues:
Cryheart put Draegar forward for testing. Testing will be held next meeting.

Agenda Items:
Draegar brought up a note about having another meeting between the Landing Defense groups, The Order and The Militia. Discussion was made on appointment of delagates and what would possibly transpire at the meeting. Some discussion was also made on who would actually "host" the meeting.

There was also a discussion on diplomatic ties with the Empire, and as to how we stand with them. Mention was made that if Hochstib can send Holswort as an ambassador, we should do the same, or petition the Order of the Golvern Star to support us in our efforts, as well as others who may be sympathic to our cause. The discussion was tabled till Brinn and or Maldon could be consulted on the issue.

Cemb brought up the possibility that we should try to open a trade alliance with Jantalar as a way to legitamize our position.

Next Meeting: 12-12-99 @ 10pm EST.