Meeting Minutes - 12/17/2000

In Attendance: Haephestus, Cryheart, Sir Cemb, Evia, Yzan, Tilaium, Sir Maldon, Thrudh, Sir Ruffelin, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Zyanna, Gilwen, Knightfall

Guests: Falicor (Ruffelin)

Cryheart reported on the Liaison Task Force meeting. Two proposals were made, one by Haephestus which would involve cooperation with the Lorekeepers, and another by Cryheart which would involve hunts for young warriors.

It seemed we had a problem with our Runner, as numerous individuals did not receive one or more of the mailings sent out recently. After some discussion, it was learned that Deavon has the ability to redirect the Runner's route and she will take charge of the address information for the Gryphons. Hopefully, we'll get the messages flowing more smoothly with Deavon's aid.

There was a discussion on the reorganization of the Task Forces as spelled out in a previous missive. If you did not receive the mailing about Task Forces, please let me know and I'll resend.

As commissioned by Sir Brinn, a proposal is in the works for Inactive Members. Anyone who has suggestions, please send them to me. (Thank you, Haephestus, for your input.)

At a Council Meeting after the Regular Meeting, the vacancy caused by Metadi's absence has been filled. Sir Cemb (who received the next largest number of votes in last year's election) will serve as Acting Council Member until the upcoming elections.

Next Meeting: Restday (Sunday) the 7th of Lormesta (January) at 9:00 p.m. elven