Meeting Minutes – 12/17/17

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Drung (guest), Drungster (guest), Dame Evia, Sir Balantien, Khazaann, Sir Goldstr, Roelaren, Elbromo, Cinabar, Bernadette, Dame Deavon and Falvicar.

I. Squire issues and guests. Drung and Drungster are guests of Sir Goldstr.

II. We covered this first. Sir Thadston was a golem and has since been destroyed. Magister Octaven's forces arrived. Shinann was kidnapped by Dennet. In order to rescue Shinann the 6 underground pylons below the outpost had to be destroyed and it killed Reannah. Dennet was going to transfer Reannah's spirit into Shinann. Portals appeared in town and golems attacked throughout the night. Those portals remain active, but golems don't seem to be moving forth. Rodnay assisted in the defense of town through the use of his mental magic. Dennet was impaled by a broken shard of plinite within the cavern he was attempting his transference on Shinann. Naimorai is trapped somewhere in the past. Quinshon remains alive and at large. Naimori killed nearly everyone and she planned to poison her mother. She is the actual daughter of Quinshon. Quinshon and Reannah were having an affair. Lylia, Xorus and Rhayveign were apparantly teaching Naimorai sorcery. Stephos showed up towards the end with Reannah's journal that helps explain some gaps, but Shinann has some of her memories.

III. In sad news Lady Thia's player passed away.

IV. Event planning for early 2018. Balantine recommended his forging seminar lasting 90 minutes. I'd like do forge some perfect weaponry in the meantime for prizes and a raffle. Sir Balantine (OHE/THW), Falvicar (THW/OHE), Sir Cryheart (THW/OHE), Sir Goldstr (OHE/Brawling), Khazaann (OHE). Roelaren is a master fletcher. Evia can knit. I'd like to do the carnival, knights roundtable and interviews then a battle pit and combat or invasion preparation/tactics focused on our community, but it's a large event and we're looking for momentum. I think the forging seminar can work. I need some time to find a perfect weapon to raffle and we can set a date.

V. Lady Roelaren was put forth for testing by Sir Goldstr and became a full member. The webpage and wiki has been updated.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree