Meeting Minutes – 12/23/2012

Last night, Karibeth, Meureii, Goldstar, Evia, Perivan and I met.

Due to the low turnout we decided to delay the nominations for officer positions until after the new year. We mostly discussed the current events occuring around the Landing. Barnom Slim is the Lich King and is committed that all of us will serve him sooner or later. There is another faction, Brotherhood of Rooks, essentially a gang of thieves and murderers, who lay claim to the Landing. Though it is apparent that the are not in cahoots with Barnom, as they dug too deeply and too close to the faux undead Landing in the Burrows. This was evident by the number of corpses discovered before the entryway into Barnom's faux Landing.

There is a plan in place to capture a Rook. We don't want to bring this up with the Mayor yet, not knowing how much he is under control of that blasted armor given to him by Elitihian Cross. So, mum's a word.

There was a brief discussion of squires to observe.

Happy Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year to all!