Meeting Minutes - 12/29/2002

In attendance:
Sir Brinn, Sir Cemb, Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Eahlstan, Evia, Goldstr, Guarrin, Metadi, Morgiest, Perigourd, Sir Ruffelin, Shallimar, Shirkon, Strathe, Yarx, Yviara, Zyanna

Guests: Guarrian was the guest of Cryheart. Perigourd was the guest of Morgiest.

Lord Cryheart opened the meeting.

I. Squire Issues
Shirkon retold his history to the Order.
Shirkon was tested by Morgiest and welcomed into the Order.

II. Financial Report
Sir Brinn reported that he was keeping in trust a sum total of 6,758,232 silver pieces for the Order. Donations equaled 6,500,000. Income from hunts equaled 258,232.
Morgiest reported that he had been keeping in trust 103,000 from a recent hunt and would be turning it over to Sir Brinn.
The Order coffers now stand at 6,861,232 silver pieces.

III. Inactivity Proposal
Drallen presented the following amendment to the By-Laws:

It was unanimously agreed to remove “May be asked to surrender bracer to the Order” from the proposal.

The proposal would be discussed and voted upon at the next regular meeting.

III. Castellan
Morgiest requested that official clarification of the Castellan position be added to the By-Laws in the near future.

IV. The War of Nations
Cryheart called for a special meeting to discuss rumors of upcoming trouble in the Wehnimer’s Landing area. The meeting was scheduled for 1/5/03.

Lord Cryheart closed the meeting.