Order of the Silver Gryphon - Member Profiles

Throughout the years, some of our members have composed profiles or biographies of their lives and times in the lands of Elanthia, and graciously submitted them to be contained herein for the curious reader.

    Knight Profiles

  • Sir Brinn Mithrandir
  • Sir Cryheart Thaxin
  • Dame Deavon Lauren
  • Sir Morgiest Frostgiant
  • Sir Ruffelin Highstem
  • Dame Yviara Na'Savar
  • Sir Hyoko Fujimoro
  • Sir Welan Cadwalidar

    Member Profiles

  • Mourdeyan Drayk'art-Aimright
  • Kytaara Tsaphiri
  • Geijon Khyree
  • Asglyn MacKennon
  • Typhus Marcolin