Order of the Silver Gryphon - Bylaws

ARTICLE I - Name, Purpose and Aims

  • Section 1 - Name

  • This organization shall be known as the Order of the Silver Gryphon.

  • Section 2 - Purpose

  • The purpose of this organization is succinctly stated in our Charge:

    To Defend Our Town and The People Who Live Within It.
    To Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves.
    To Aid Those Who Are In Need, If Their Cause Is Just.
    To Serve With Honor, By Example And By Deed.

    Our Town shall be defined as Wehnimer's Landing and its immediate environs. However, aid may be rendered to any township or other organization on an as needed basis, provided such aid does not endanger our town by leaving it undefended.

  • Section 3 - Aims

  • To aid in the defense of Our Town.
  • To mentor both young and old, especially those of the warrior profession.
  • To teach and/or pass on what historical information we possess, so that it may be preserved for future generations.
  • To promote chivalric ideals and virtues through mentoring as well as example (in both individual and group conduct).
  • To act as advocates of both the interests and concerns of the warrior profession.
  • To teach and offer aid to all in the areas of crafting and forging, including weapon repair at reasonable or no cost.

ARTICLE II - Leadership

  • Section 1 - Elected Leaders

  • The elected positions of this organization shall consist of:

  • Leader (1)
  • First (1)
  • Council Members (3, and 1 alternate)
  • Elected officers must:

  • Be Full Members of the Order
  • Maintain above minimum Attendance standards
  • Be able to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions
  • Maintain open communications with members (e-mail and/or in-game availability)
  • Maintain sufficient attendance to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
  • If an office becomes vacant, a successor shall be nominated and elected within six (6) weeks of the vacancy.


  • Must be an Active Full Member of the Order.
  • Must be elected by majority vote (written ballot) of the Active Full Members.
  • Shall represent the Order at functions and formal occasions.
  • Shall speak for the Order.
  • Shall serve as point of contact for the Order.
  • Shall make all decisions regarding policy, behavior, rules and procedure (said decisions subject to review by Council and/or Members).
  • Shall enforce the provisions of these By-Laws.
  • May be removed from office by a majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • FIRST:

  • Must be an Active Full Member of the Order.
  • Must be elected or ratified by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • Shall fulfill all duties and responsibilities of the Leader in the Leader's absence (subject to the same review by Council and/or Members).
  • Shall act within the aims, goals and objectives of the Leader (unless he/she determines said objectives to be contrary to the interests of the Order).
  • Shall serve as conscience and advisor to the Leader.
  • Shall fulfill those duties and responsibilities assigned by the Council and/or Leader.
  • May be removed by the Leader with the approval of the Council.

  • Must be Active Full Members of the Order.
  • Must be elected by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • Shall serve as check/balance to the power of the Leader and First.
  • Shall review all Leader decisions.
  • Shall veto decisions on a case by case basis, if necessary.
  • Shall relate Member concerns to the Leader, First, and Council for appropriate action.
  • Shall monitor Leader and/or First for performance and signs of megalomania.
  • May be removed by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • One alternate Council Member shall be on stand-by for any vote where a sitting Council Member is not present.
  • All votes by the Council shall be based on 2/3 majority.

  • Must maintain Active Status within the Order.
  • Must be a full Member for at least one (1) year.
  • Must be elected by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • Shall supervise and serve as administrator for the Squire Program.
  • Shall appoint two (2) Assistants to aid with the Squire Program
  • Shall assist Sponsors and Squires as needed.
  • Shall assist in the evaluation of Squires prior to testing for full Membership.
  • Shall maintain records pertinent to the Squire Program.

    Records shall include:

  • Squire's date of entry into the program.
  • Sponsor and Sponsor's eligibility to mentor a Squire.
  • Tasks assigned to and accomplished by Squire.
  • Progress of Squire according to Squire Program requirements.
  • Eligibility of Squire for testing (including verification of Trainings, time in program, etc.)
  • Shall work with Scribe (or website master) to maintain accurate Library (website) information.
  • Shall make recommendation or state objections when Squire is put forth for testing.
  • May be removed by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • Section 2 - Appointed Positions

  • The following positions shall be appointed by the Leader, with approval of the Council:

  • Scribe/Herald (1 or 2)
  • Castellan (1)
  • Task Force Leaders (3, and 3 co-Leaders )

  • Must maintain Active status within the Order.
  • Shall handle all correspondence on behalf of the Order, at the direction of Order Leadership.
  • Shall record Minutes of each meeting and distribute copies thereof to all Members.
  • Shall maintain records of Squires (date accepted, testing eligibility date, Sponsor, etc.).
  • Shall tally all verbal (show of hands) votes taken during meetings and record resulting decisions.
  • Shall update and maintain an accurate listing of Order rules, decisions, etc.
  • Shall update and maintain the website for the Order.
  • May be removed by the Leader with approval of the Council.

  • Must maintain Active status within the Order.
  • Shall introduce Leadership and Members as protocol demands.
  • Shall speak to the public as directed by the Leader, First, and/or Council.
  • May be removed by the Leader with approval of the Council.
  • Shall send out Meeting Reminders (vial group e-mail list) prior to each regular meeting.

  • Must maintain Active status within the Order.
  • Shall oversee the operations of their respective Task Forces.
  • Shall report to the Leadership on a regular basis to advise Task Force progress.
  • Shall undertake and implement projects relating to their respective Task Forces.
  • Shall plan and organize events/projects relating to their respective Task Forces.
  • Shall appoint Co-Leaders to assist them in their duties.
  • Shall hold periodic meetings for Task Force members.
  • May be removed by the Leader with approval of the Council.
  • If an appointed office becomes vacant, a successor shall appointed within a reasonable amount of time (not to exceed one month).
  • Squires and Friends may hold any appointed position only if there is no Full Member willing/available to hold that position.

ARTICLE III - Membership

  • Section 1 - Type

  • Membership shall be one of following two types: Full Member or Squire of the Order.


  • Must be a minimum of 25 trainings prior to testing.
  • Must be accepted by majority vote (of the existing Full Members) after completion of Squire phase and testing.
  • May cast a single ballot in any vote/election.
  • May Sponsor a Squire, if eligible.
  • May call for a vote on any decision made by Leadership (provided the Member feels said decision is contrary to the interests of the majority of Members. Must be supported by a minimum of two other Full Members for vote to be called).
  • Must meet minimum attendance requirements to maintain Active status.
  • Allowed to wear the bracer which represents the Order.

  • ALL professions are eligible
  • May be any age (preferably at least 10 trainings) to enter Squire program.
  • Must be Sponsored by an Active Full Member and accepted by the Order (no vote is required, but may be called if there are objections by any Active Full Member).
  • May not vote in Member-Only matters.
  • The Training Period:

  • Nomination: A Member selects and announces his proposed Squire at a general meeting. If there is a slot available and no objections, the Squire becomes official and is given a key and apron. Henceforth, the Member with a Squire is referred to as "the Sponsor".
  • Section 2 - Status

  • Membership status shall be classified as: Active, Inactive, Former, Emeritus

    ACTIVE: A member who attends at least 50% of meetings/activities.

    INACTIVE: A member who fails to meet minimum attendance requirements. Said members shall be queried, in writing, by an officer of the Order to determine reasoning for absences. Members who decline to respond or who fail to give reasonable cause for lack of attendance shall be converted to inactive status. May be asked to surrender bracer to the Order.

    FORMER: A member who has left the Order by resignation, Removal from the Order, departure from the game, or no longer maintains any contact with the Order. Must surrender bracer to the Order.

    EMERITUS: Special standing given to Inactive or Former Full Members for exemplary past service, as an award for feats worthy of recognition, or for other reasons to be determined by the Leadership and Members. Allowed to keep the bracer, in recognition of special status.

  • Section 3 - Oath

  • The following oath shall be administered to all Full Members:

    "I, (full character name), do solemnly undertake the charge of the Order of the Silver Gryphon.

    To defend our town and all those who live within it;
    To protect those who cannot protect themselves;
    To aid those who are in need, if their cause is just;
    To serve with honor, by example and by deed.

    Bearing in mind that my every action may reflect upon the Order, I will endeavor to exemplify and promote the chivalric virtues at every opportunity.

    I do willingly pledge to serve the Order to the best of my ability, putting the interests, values and goals of the Order above my own in any situation where there may be a conflict between the two.

    As a token to seal my vow, I accept and agree to wear the symbol of our Order. I acknowledge that this bracer, being the property of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, is hereby entrusted to me for the duration of my membership. Should I leave the Order for any reason, I agree to return it forthwith. For so long as I wear the bracer, I will wear it with honor."

  • Section 4 - Removal

  • Any Member may be removed, with cause, from the Order by 2/3 majority vote of the Active Full Members present at the time of the vote. Cause shall be defined as that which seriously disrupts the Order, prevents the Order from fulfilling its charge, or threatens the stability of the Order. A vote for Removal may be called by any Active Full Member, must be seconded by two (2) additional Members, and must state the reason for proposed Removal. Immediately prior to a vote for Removal, the member in question may make a statement to the Members in attendance. If the member in question is not present when a vote for Removal is called, the vote shall be tabled for one (1) meeting so that the member in question may have an opportunity to address the members of the Order, either in person or by e-mail.

    Should a vote for removal of a member receive the 2/3 majority needed to pass, the member in question shall immediately surrender his/her bracer, key and/or other equipment issued by the Order and leave the premises. Failure to surrender these items may be actionable by the GMs.

ARTICLE IV - Meetings

  • Regular meetings will be held on alternate Sundays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.
  • Location of meetings shall be the Order Holding, unless otherwise specified in advance.
  • A meeting with less than 20% of the membership in attendance shall not be considered sufficient to conduct voting.
  • Meeting reminders shall be sent to all members via the group mailing list (e-mail) no less than 24 hours prior to said meeting.
  • Special meetings, hunts, or Council meetings may be called by any member at any time, with the approval of the Leader and/or Council.

ARTICLE V - Voting

  • Section 1 - Elections

  • Elections for Leadership positions shall be held on an annual basis. Said elections to be held no later than the end of the First Quarter of each year.
  • Nominations shall be held at one meeting with elections to be held the following week (prior to the next meeting).
  • Any Active Member, Squire or Friend shall be able to make nominations for Leadership positions.
  • Voting shall be conducted over a minimum of one (1) week to allow members ample time to cast their ballots.
  • Elections for Leadership shall be conducted by written ballot. Elections shall be supervised by an impartial third party (either GM or other individual/organization as designated by consensus prior to voting).
  • Election results to be announced at the first regular meeting after the conclusion of the voting.
  • Only Active Full Members shall be allowed to cast ballots in a Leadership election.
  • Section 2 - Membership Voting

  • When voting on a Squire to determine Full Membership, the Squire and Sponsor must both be present.
  • Squires must meet testing requirements as spelled out in the Squire Handbook.
  • A Squire may not be put before the membership for voting without the approval of his/her Sponsor, except by approval of the Leader and full Council.
  • Voting shall be restricted to Active Full Members only. All others must leave the voting area.
  • Voting shall be by show of hands, either Aye, Nay or Abstain.
  • A Squire shall become a Full Member upon receiving a 2/3 majority vote in his/her favor (provided he/she successfully passes the membership test specified by the Order).
  • Section 3 - Other Voting

  • A motion may be placed before the membership by any member, so long as said motion is constructive and in the best interests of the Order as a whole.
  • In order to pass, each motion must be supported by another member and receive a majority of votes from the members present (unless otherwise specified prior to voting).
  • Prior to any vote, it must be declared who is excluded from the vote. Minor issues may allow voting by Squires and/or Friends.

ARTICLE VI - General

  • No members, other than the officers designated, shall state public views as being those of the Order without prior permission.
  • The Order bracer (defined as a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle) may not be worn by anyone other than Active Full Members.
  • The Order symbol (defined as a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle) may be worn in any form, other than a bracer, by any Squire or Friend, provided the intent is not to imply Full Membership in the Order.
  • Any amendment or addition to these By-Laws must be adopted by majority vote of the Active Full Members.

ARTICLE VI - Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, all bracers, keys and/or other equipment issued by the Order shall be immediately surrendered to the GMs or disposed of in a manner specified by the GMs.


Amendment F to the Bylaws was granted passage by formal motion and vote on 2/21/2017. Amendment F removals within the bylaws are outlined as follows:

An amendment to Article III, Membership; Section 1. Friends


  • May be any profession or age/trainings.
  • Must be adopted by majority vote of the Active Full Members.
  • May not vote in Member-Only matters.

    (Section 1)

  • Membership shall be one of following three types: Full Member, Squire, or Friend of the Order.
  • Must be of the warrior profession, unless an exception is made by the Order.
  • Currently limited to the warrior profession.